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Avtrac provide a range of Maintenance Tracking services, from full Airline CAMO services, Corporate Jet services, down to assisting CAR30 Maintenance Organisations with their single engine aircraft. We have capability to track larger wide body jets, coporate jets, turboprop aircraft and all piston engine aircraft.

Our services are grouped into four packages: Avtrac RPT for airlines, Avtrac Platinum for corporate jets, Avtrac Gold for charter aircraft, and Avtrac Blue for CAR30/145 organisation assistance.


Avtrac RPT is a Fleet Technical Services solution for Airlines to base their CAMO office with Avtrac.

Avtrac RPT is a Low Cost Carrier (LLC) airline model solution for smaller aircraft Operators, which complies with the new Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority CASR Part 42 regulations.Strict control of overheads is a vital component of LLC management, and the new requirement by CASA to have an in-house Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) approval brings new challenges for Operators contemplating RPT operations.

Securing all the staff required that meet the CASR Part 42 requirements is a challenge, as well as the weekly wages bill. Remote locations suffer particularly in gaining suitably qualified staff.

The process of writing all the procedures required and the Exposition is a daunting task beyond the capabilities of the smaller Operator.

Avtrac spent two years developing it’s “Avtrac System” of procedures, tasks, checklists and software – and gained CASA CASR Part 42 approval in May 2014 for ASEPTA RPT utilising a G1000 Cessna Caravan.

The Avtrac System can now be easily used to get small operators up and running quicker in RPT (subject to CASA approvals) without the staffing requirements of a CAMO on-site.

With Avtrac RPT you get a dedicated CAMO Office for your airline located at Avtrac. We have dedicated full time LAME’s and trained staff handling your aircraft airworthiness. A dedicated Continuous Airworthiness Manager is allocated to your aircraft (with three available as back up), multiple computer work stations, high speed A3 scanning ability in full colour, and archiving of records – all in house.

The interface for all maintenance actions happens online, with your own dedicated Maintenance Control Portal. Each team member in the organization has password-protected access.

Pilot daily submission of the Tech Log are sent electronically by your pilots (either scanned or smart phone photo) – so our office can track your aircraft utilisation for the Reliability Reports, and track progress towards the next scheduled inspections.

All maintenance data for the aircraft fleet are available in the planning section, with Due Lists, OSIP Cards and all maintenance records available.
The Continuous Airworthiness Manager will be in daily contact with your operation to schedule upcoming maintenance, handle unscheduled defects and all the regulatory requirements of the CAMO.
 Avtrac RPT User Guide

Avtrac Platinum is a full Maintenance Control package for Corporate Jets.

Avtrac have extensive experience with Corporate Jets operating in Australia and Internationally.

  • Gulfstream GIV and GV
  • Embraer 135LR
  • Bombardier CRJ200
  • Canadair Challenger 600, 601, 604 and 850
  • Bombardier Phenom 100, 300
  • Cessna Citation Bravo, 560, 550

We have two CASA approved Maintenance Controller Instrument Holders on staff to provide your operation with risk free redundancy.

We have successfully passed BARS and IS-BAO audits year in year out – with auditors imoressed with our Maintenance Portal (see below) and easy access to compliance data during auditing. Desk top audits were a breeze.

 Avtrac PLATINUM User Guide

Avtrac Gold is a full maintenance tracking service for Charter aircraft.

Avtrac Gold is our most popular tracking service, with over 90% of our clients selecting this service. Featuring:

  • Fixed cost monthly plans for both low and high utilisation.
  • Full compliance check at commencement, with an optional monthly payment plan to ease the initial cost.
  • Password protected Maintenance Portal (see below) with all compliance published.
  • Logbook management in our Perth office – all entries made by us.
  • iPad app for HAAMC’s or owners.
  • PT6 ECTM data entry and analysis
  • Full Work Packages published online prior to upcoming maintenance – with Word version loose log entries
  • Assessment of all incoming AD’s, SB’s, ICA changes and regulatory changes.
  • 24/7 phone, e-mail and text support – ring to clarify a regulatory position, or to get advice.
     Avtrac GOLD User Guide

Avtrac Blue is a budget maintenance tracking service for Operators and CAR30 Maintenance Organisations.

For busy CAR30 workshops, maintenance tracking can be difficult unless trained and competent staff are employed, and software/computer systems purchased. Logbook management can easily be handled by LAME’s – Avtrac Blue is the perfect service to give staff confidence all the tracking and compliance is done professionally. The initial aircraft compliance check is comforting too – knowing it has been properly researched and all requirements addressed.

For CAR30 workshops running Aerotrack, Avtrac have assisted with the following:

  • Auditing of aircraft entered into Aerotrack – are all the requirements entered and are they correct.
  • Making up Work Packages for the floor
  • Processing of Work Packages after certification
  • Typing up the loose logbook entries for signing

 Avtrac BLUE User Guide


Avtrac use a variety of software for maintenance tracking depending on the operation, aircraft size and particular client needs:

Avtrac have a 30 year relationship with FileMaker and developed our own Avtrac Pro maintenance tracking software over that period. Customised over the years to suit unique Australian requirements and our customers needs it offers clear and precise online forms that are easily read by the end users – LAME’s, Pilots, Operations Managers and company owners.
Avtrac have used CAMP Systems online software for many years with corporate jets under management.
Avtrac have used Flightdocs online software for many years on Embraer 135 and Gulfstream GIV aircraft under management.
Avtrac have extensive experience using Oases software to manage a fleet of Embraer 135/145 aircraft in Australia in the CASR42 CAMO environment.
Avtrac have experience useing Aerotrack software for smaller general aviation aircraft, and can perform maintenance tracking duties or quality auditing of CASA CAR30 Maintenance Organisations using this software.
Avtrac are very familiar with Air Maestro software for quality audit tracking and SMS management for AoC Holders.


Each Avtrac client receives a password protected Maintenance Portal for planning, scheduling and compliance.

Avtrac have a “demonstrating compliance” model, where all current compliance details are instantly visible to Operator staff, Engineering staff, CASA and external auditors. A “desktop” audit can be completed at any time without viewing the maintenance records or logbooks. The following are available for each aircraft:


  • 6 Month Due List based on current utilisation
  • Full Due List sorted by hours, date, cycles and landings
  • Full AD compliance status
  • Full SB compliance status
  • Full Modification status
  • All OSIP Cards for each tracked maintenance event, and LLP component.
  • Log Book Statement
  • ATA list of all tracked events including non applicable
  • Full list of defects on aircraft sorted by ATA
  • Full maintenance history sorted by date
  • Full On Condition components
  • Utilisation Report
  • Significant Item report
  • ECTM current graph
  • Upcoming Work Packages including loose logbook entries in Word


  • Pilot online submissions for current hours and landings
  • ECTM submissions


  • PDF copies of all operational and maintenance manuals
  • Certificates
  • Authorisations


  • AD Compliance for each CASA, FAA, TC etc monthly AL
  • Reliability Reports
  • Meeting Reports
  • Quality and Safety Reports
  • SMS Reports


  • Online Safety Report for incidents to the Quality Manager
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