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Avtrac provide a range of Technical Services to parts of the aviation sector, offering experienced staff and intense knowledge from our staff.


Avtrac Pty Ltd provides continuing airworthiness management services to Airlines, with numerous Operator CAMO CASA approvals based in our offices in Belmont WA.


The CASA approved staff at Avtrac Pty Ltd has extensive experience in CASA Part 42 CAMO operations up to 45 seat jets, and Class A Corporate Jet maintenance control. We work with airlines, charter organisations, leasing companies, MRO’s and CASA to maintain compliance and keep aircraft flying.


We can assist your airline in times where the work requirements exceed your staff capacity.

Staff labour hire – CAM, RM, ARE, QM and MPAE for relief work, temporary positions and busy periods.

Alternate Form 4 CAMO Position Holders – Reduce risk with inducted staff listed in your Exposition, ready to fill vacancies.

Contract labour in the following areas:

  • Data input of Tech Logs into software system
  • Processing of Work Packages
  • Publishing Work Packages
  • Airworthiness Reviews of aircraft
  • New aircraft induction and data input of new aircraft into software system
  • Lease reports and end of lease documentation.

Technical Writing – our CASA Delegate holds a CAR42M and CAR42R Instrument for Systems of Maintenance, and is a skilled writer for:

  • Authoring/Amendments of CAMO Expositions
  • Authoring/Amendments of CAMO Procedures Manuals
  • Authoring/Amendments of Aircraft Maintenance Programs
  • Authoring/Amendments of Minimum Equipment Lists
  • Authoring/Amendments of Reliability Programs
  • Liaising with CASA through the approval process.


Avtrac Pty Ltd airworthiness management services are conducted IAW our internal Exposition and Procedures Manual, and our client CASA documented requirements. We can interface your software via VPN, or access web based software directly. Our office can upscale to meet your requirements with additional staff for longer projects.

Work Style

The staff at Avtrac Pty Ltd work in an uninterrupted quiet dedicated office, and our motto is to work hard and fast, while maintaining accuracy and compliance. 

Contact Paul Carey to discuss any of your requirements.

Avtrac staff members hold multiple Class A aircraft Instruments issued by CASA.

Aircraft types:

  • Cessna 550,560 Citation business jet
  • Gulfstream GIV business jet
  • Bombardier 600/601 business jet
  • Embraer 135 regional shuttle
  • Embraer Phenom 300 business jet
  • Cessna 404 utiliner aircraft
  • Cessna 310 commuter aircraft

Avtrac staff members have also held approvals for ASETPA Single Engine Turbine IFR approvals issued by CASA.

Aircraft types:

  • Pilatus PC12
  • Cessna Caravan 208/208B

Quality and Safety Management services are a new part of Avtrac services.

Staff hold CASA Form 4 Part 42 positions as Quality Manager, fulfilling all the auditing and quality management responsibilities of the CAMO organisation.

The position of Safety Manager in the AoC can be contracted out to Avtrac, with staff holding the required qualifications to satisfy CASA.


Avtrac have specialised for 25 years in assisting aviation companies start up new operations. MD Paul Carey is passionate and excited about starting new operations, and had assisted many companies get the required approvals from CASA and start operations.

Specifically Avtrac can assist with:

  • Specialist advice on startup strategy
  • Regulatory advice on what is required for operations
  • Liaison with CASA in gaining approvals
  • Maintenance Control Manual authoring and CASA approval
  • System of Maintenance authoring and in-house approval with our CASA Delegate
  • Maintenance tracking services for both Class A and Class B aircraft
  • Maintenance Controller provision and CASA approval
  • Minimum Equipment List authoring and CASA approval
  • Engineering Procedures Manual authoring and CASA approval
  • New Part 42 Airline operation startup
  • Provision of staff to fill CASA Part 42 Form 4 holders

“I started many of my own companies in aviation, so I can understand the thinking of business owners. The need to get approvals and systems in place quickly – to get on with business” – Paul Carey – Avtrac Managing Director

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