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Quality Collaboration

Avtrac are pleased to announce a new collaboration with Sky360 at our Belmont head office. With an ever increasing amount of CASR Part 42 CAMO business, Avtrac had the need for a permanent Quality and Safety solution to fill Form 4 positions.

Leslie McChesney and Paul Carey had known each other for years in the industry, with Leslie performing audits on company’s under Avtrac management.

“I always enjoyed working with Leslie, and connecting on Linkedin recently proved beneficial to us both. Sky360 is a new venture for Leslie, and she was in need of office space. We were in need of Form 4 QM and SM positions with several of our clients, so the collaboration was worked out great for both of us” said Avtrac Managing Director Paul Carey.

“Sky360 will operate independently from Avtrac, and work together to bring quality solutions to clients. These QM and SM positions are not full time, with smaller Airline operators only having one or two aircraft. So engaging a consultant is the smart solution for operators for quality and safety”.

“Both Avtrac and Sky360 business philosophies are similar – offering professional services and a fair price, and working well with clients to ensure they stay compliant. It’s a good match, and we look forward to expanding our collaboration”.


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