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New Workpack iPad App

Avtrac have a long history of FileMaker database software development, with their Avtrac Pro software developed over 25 years used exclusively by Avtrac in-house.

An iPad version of Avtrac Pro was developed for HAAMC’s wishing to have data on hand as they manage the maintenance on their fleet. Having the App open when talking to MRO Chief Engineers gave them tools to effectively plan and schedule maintenance.

Having an iPad App for LAME’s in the hangar was always a long term plan of Avtrac MD Paul Carey – but the market was not really ready for the technology, with paper based work packs printed out from a PDF being the preferred method.

Lately, a younger breed of LAME has openly embraced technology and feedback from some of Avtrac clients indicated the time was right.

A trial version of the App is being tested in the hangar with Avtrac clients, and we must say it is pretty cool. FileMaker Go is a free download from the App Store, then Avtrac will e-mail a Workpack file to the iPad. The LAME Job Co-ordinator then enters the aircraft TTIS, MRO Job Number etc and can then certify for Task Cards using the inbuilt signature ability of the iPad and Filemaker – by using your finger or a pen.

New defects are entered, as are modifications and repairs. A final certification takes place with a signature – which closes out the work pack. Loose logbook entries can be printed or e-mailed as required.

Finally the file is e-mailed back to Avtrac who process the work pack and update the main Avtrac Pro files and Maintenance Portals.

We will announce a release once testing is complete.

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