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Barkly Aviation follows CASA advice

“Barkly Aviation is entering a new and exciting phase of aviation business. Allan Duncan (Managing Director Barkly Aviation) has engaged Avtrac to help the company proactively manages aircraft maintenance (tracking).

Allan and Avtrac (MD Paul Carey) were introduced to one another by Chris Tran, an aviation safety and compliance consultant. Chris currently consults for Barkly and he has worked closely with Avtrac over the years for other operators. For Chris, “This was the right fit for both companies because they have the same vision, which is to interact honestly and provide ongoing value at a fair price. This is what has made Barkly and Avtrac successful for so long and I believe they will benefit each other through a good working relationship” .

Barkly Aviation and Avtrac are proud to announce that Barkly aircraft will be managed using Avtrac BLUE services. Avtrac Blue provides Barkly with full tracking services to ensure proactive maintenance compliance and improve forward planning of scheduled maintenance. The system is also supported by Avtrac’s experience team to provide 24/7 advice and opinions on other maintenance matters.

“Barkly Aviation’s great partnership with Avtrac begins with the full tracking of maintenance through Avtrac Blue. As the HAAMC, I have confidence in Paul Carey’s Avtrac Systems to deliver me accurate information and valued opinions/inputs which enable me to make informed decisions.” MD Allan Duncan.”

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