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Arafura take the plunge

Local Darwin charter operator Arafura Aviation have been in contact with Avtrac for many years, making inquiries about maintenance tracking. Managing Director Shashi Sharma understood the concept of taking back control of their maintenance for their fleet, but taking the plunge was a big step for them.

Their contracted maintenance organisation controlled the maintenance with Aerotrack software in the hangar, but lack of access to data and temperamental situations with hangar staff meant their operation was at risk from a business point of view.

With the purchase of Cessna U206 VH-PQJ, Shashi took the time to visit the offices at Avtrac in Perth and meet the staff, and decided to get a compliance check carried out and place this one aircraft on Avtrac GOLD as a trial. If that proved successful, the fleet would follow.

The compliance check proved revealing for Shashi, as the aircraft had been operating in aerial work in parachute activities. To make the progression to charter and stay compliant with CASA, and his clients strict requirements – a range of tasks were then overdue (examples being crew and passenger seat belts over the ten year life, and magnetos over the four year overhaul life).

Shashi and his staff now have full access to their own password protected Portal, where all information about the aircraft is published. Enough for CASA or client auditors to complete a desktop audit without looking at the logbooks. Forward planning is a breeze, with due lists based on the utilisation habit of each aircraft.

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