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AERO Racing is a Sport Compact Drag Racing Team in Perth Western Australia. The Team have raced for over ten years in ANDRA drag racing starting out in Super Sedan, and progressing through Sport Compact, Supercharged Outlaws, Competition, and Top Alcohol.

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AERO Racing Pro Alcohol Altered

ANDRA Top Alcohol Altered. IHRA Pro Alcohol Altered.

Best run: 6.01 @ 218mph

  • Pleuger Top Alcohol Chassis
  • Altered body by Rick Johns. AERO additional rear wing and spill plates
  • 4130 rear wing supports by JPS
  • 60″ Rear Wing by Aero Racing – billet ribs, 4130 main spar, 2024T3 0.040″ skins and Cherry Max C/S rivets
  • 56″ Front Wing by Aero Racing – billet ribs, 4130 main spar, 2024T3 0.040″ skins and Cherry Max C/S rivets
  • Stroud twin parachutes with air launch system
  • Lamb carbon brakes and calipers
  • RPM Datalogger system and Electronic Dash
  • MSD Grid Controller with RPM Switch Modules
  • Electrimotion Safety Box System
  • Electrimotion Fuel Management System

  • Lamb titanium rear axle housing – solid one piece axle
  • B & J 3 Speed planetary gearbox
  • Quickdrive
  • Trick Titanium aluminium bellhousing
  • Alfast Torque Converter
  • AERO Racing 4130 Flex Plate

Bespoke billet four valve twin cam V8 engine.

  • 330 ci small block
  • Billet Alumec 89 Block with hemi main caps, 9/16″ Hemi Main Studs, Hemi Side Bolts
  • Billet Marine Crank Crankshaft with Hemi mains, chev large journal small ends
  • Billet Alumec 89 Heads with one piece fire rings
  • Supertech valves, double valve springs, titanium retainers and guides
  • Crow blown alcohol camshafts
  • Billet 6061 AERO Racing intake manifold
  • PSI “B” Screw Blower at 105 over
  • Carbon Hat with Enderlie mechanical fuel system
  • MSD 44 amp Magneto
  • Aeromotive 18gpm Fuel Pump
  • AERO Billet 4 stage dry sump
  • 4 Stage Dry Sump Scavenge/Oil Pump
  • AERO Zoomies

  • DRIVER and CREW CHIEF – Paul Carey
  • REAR END – John Stewart
  • BODY – Trav Loomes
  • BACKUP and PARACHUTES – Kristie Stewart
  • ENGINE – Hadyn Bell
  • TOW and ENGINE – Rob Foland
  • FRONT END – Allan Yates


Team funding


MAIN SPONSOR – High Speed Engineering

Engine CNC machining


MAIN SPONSOR – Harris Engines

Engine machining



AERO Racing BA Falcon

AERO Racing raced the BA Falcon in Top Doorslammer for two seasons, and achieved a best run of 6.43 @ 218mph

AERO Racing RX-7

AERO Racing RX-7 in Competition AA/GA ran a Perth Motorplex track record of 6.89 @ 202mph

AERO Outlaw RX-7

AERO Outlaw RX-7 ran for may years in Supercharged Outlaws, with a best of 7.10 @ 198mph.

Blown 3 Rotor

First race car for AERO Racing. Worlds Quickest blown rotary sedan. 20B three rotor rotary all mechanical injection and ignition, with a 2 speed powerglide. Best of 8.98 @ 156mph

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