Avtrac is an airline standard Fleet Technical Services provider you can contract and outsource highly technical activities in aircraft management.
We specialise in supporting aviation in Regional Australia in remote locations - read our stories of clients using our unique service HERE

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Avtrac Pty Ltd provide continuous airworthiness management of corporate jets, turbine helicopters, turbo prop and piston aircraft for Operators and Private Owners. Avtrac hold multiple Instruments from CASA for CASR 42G CAMO RPT, Class A Maintenance Control for Corporate Jets, Charter and ASETPA (Single Engine IFR) operations. The online AVTRAC tracking system is unique and allows all team members involved in maintenance to view and participate in the control process.

In the new environment of stiffer regulatory control and good governance, having your aircraft on Avtrac makes perfect business sense. The initial Compliance Check in most cases is revealing, with deficiencies cleared well before audits by the regulators and external auditors arrive.

Aviation in Regional Areas in Australia has it's unique challenges - particularly recruiting expert staff. With Avtrac you CAN get the best without employing anybody. The Avtrac System is your Online Technical Records Office - with a online Maintenance Portal containing all your aircraft compliance details. Our backend office provides you with unlimited phone and e-mail support from real expert LAME's and Maintenance Controllers - both technical questions and regulatory advice. It's like having a large airline technical records department for your own operation - and you only pay for what you use.


An in depth Airworthiness Review ensures your aircraft is compliant and loaded into our Avtrac Pro software, and online portal. We have various levels to choose from - Quick Start to 42G Full Airworthiness Review. Have us find the deficiencies before CASA or your auditor do.


The secret to our success - online portals. You will have your our own secure password protected portal generated by us, with all due lists, work packages, pilot submissions and documents accessible anywhere online. Access by iPad or smartphone when you are not in the office.

HAAMC and CAM Ready

Innovative tools for the Operator HAAMC or CAM to schedule and plan fleet maintenance - like our iPad app with full functionality. Allows instant fleet details for upcoming scheduled maintenance - without requiring internet access. Ideal for hangar visits to your maintenance organisation.


With years of travelling through remote Australia, we know how to make remote fleet management a reality. Regardless of the size of your operation, the Avtrac system works. Smaller operations can demonstrate professionalism with a low budget model.

Dry Hire Support

If your aircraft move from operator to operator, or AMO to AMO - we centralise all your fleet management and bring superior control and flow. Aircraft can move from operator to operator with a smooth quick transition. Maintenance Organisations enjoy the Avtrac system.


We specialise in new startups, and with a range of off the shelf solutions to get you up and running quickly and CASA approved. From charter and corporate jets right up to regular public transport, we have off the shelf templates to ensure a quick start to your business.


Avtrac has gained CASA Part 42G CAMO approval for several operators. Exposition authoring, Forms and Procedures to suit are prepared for CASA approval. Regular Public Transport using a low budget model is a reality. More Info

Fleet Management

Avtrac can manage fleets as large as twenty plus aircraft all on the Avtrac System. Our maintenance watch software allows Avtrac Fleet Managers to manage fleets easily. The Avtrac system is scalable, and the same portal handles any number of aircraft.


All Avtrac clients have their compliance demonstrated on their portal, allowing desk top audits by CASA and external auditors. Easy to read PDF documents demonstrating AD, SB compliance and up to date due lists and various planning documents.


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