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What We Do

Avtrac is an airline standard Fleet Technical Services provider for aircraft owners, operators, airlines and maintenance providers.

We specialise in supporting Regional Australia in remote locations.

Technical Services

- Airline Part 42 CAMO Services
- Class A Maintenance Controllers
- Safety Management
- New startups

Tracking Services

- Avtrac RPT for airline aircraft
- Avtrac Platinum for corporate jets
- Avtrac Gold for charter aircraft
- Avtrac Blue for CAR30 organisations

Technical Records

- Aircraft Airworthiness Reviews
- Aircraft Compliance Checks
- Airline Technical Log system
- Alternate M/R 4 part system

Our Work

Avtrac Pty Ltd provide continuous airworthiness management of corporate jets, turbine helicopters, turbo prop and piston aircraft for Operators and Private Owners. Avtrac hold multiple Instruments from CASA for CASR 42G CAMO RPT, Class A Maintenance Control for Corporate Jets, Charter and ASETPA (Single Engine IFR) operations. The online AVTRAC tracking system is unique and allows all team members involved in maintenance to view and participate in the control process.

In the new environment of stiffer regulatory control and good governance, having your aircraft on Avtrac makes perfect business sense.
The initial Compliance Check in most cases is revealing, with deficiencies cleared well before audits by the regulators and external auditors arrive.

Aviation in Regional Areas in Australia has it's unique challenges - particularly recruiting expert staff. With Avtrac you CAN get the best without employing anybody.
The Avtrac System is your Online Technical Records Office - with a online Maintenance Portal containing all your aircraft compliance details. Our backend office provides you with unlimited phone and e-mail support from real expert LAME's and Maintenance Controllers - both technical questions and regulatory advice. It's like having a large airline technical records department for your own operation - and you only pay for what you use.

CASA new Part 135 and 121 Regulations

CASA are rolling out new regulations for Charter AoC Holders. All Charter AoC Operators will transition to the Transport Category. Are you ready for the transition?

CASA will require a person or CAMO to be approved to carry out continuing airworthiness management of aircraft in transport category. Avtrac is your preferred choice, with CASA recommending the hangar not carry out the task.

Check out this quick comparison between Avtrac management vs Hangar management.

Regional Australia


Avtrac specialises in working with Operators from regional Australia. Avtrac MD Paul Carey spent years contracting all through the northwest of Western Australia as a LAME, and knows the special challenges facing regional operators.

Finding good staff – and being able to keep them for longer periods of time is the number one challenge. Avtrac pioneered “remote control” maintenance tracking over twenty years ago, and worked with CASA over the years to make it right.

“I always remember being in the hangar – in the heat and tough conditions, and we do our best to bear that in mind when working with our clients. We have a unique insight into regional aviation, and it shows with our client base. Country folk are a pleasure to deal with” – Avtrac MD Paul Carey

Avtrac Maintenance Tracking Clients


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